Gents – can you lend a hand?

handNever underestimate the importance of people – Barrie Out of the Cold could not do what they do without the support of volunteers.

In just a few short weeks, Barrie Out of the Cold will open its’ doors for another season. As much as we wish we were out of a job, the cold, hard truth is that emergency shelters are a fact of life during a Canadian winter … and Barrie is no exception. Last year we provided overnight accommodation and meals just shy of 5500 times!

Providing shelter, serving up dinner, breakfast and everything in between 7 days a week, takes a workforce of approximately 1000 volunteers each season. As we prepare to open on November 14th, we still need men to help on the following shifts:

Dinner – 5pm to 8pm,  Evening – 8pm to 11pm, Overnight – 11pm to 6am, and Breakfast 6am to 8am.

Our season runs for only 6 months and volunteers are asked to work just 1 shift per month. A small time commitment each month allows Barrie Out of the Cold to offer this important service to our community.

So what do you think, gents? Can you lend a hand? Contact us at or apply online .


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